Fujian FuRong Technology Group Co., Ltd.(As FuRong Technology Group)is a large domestic enterprise group specialized in BOPP R&D, production and sale. The company holds the leading position in the industry, becomes a key industrial enterprise of Fujian, and also is a national high-tech enterprise. Group headquarters is located in Rongqiao economic development zone of Fuqing City, Fujian.

With globalization vision, competitive strategy and brand strategy, since the beginning of 2008, FuRong technology group come into the BOPP industry from a high staring point, and aimed at the domestic and foreign markets and the world's advanced level. Since 2010, the first production line of Fujian was put into operation; company developed rapidly through introduction and absorption, merger and reorganization, the production base layout in Fujian, Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta, and radiation to other domestic and international markets. Currently in Fuqing, HuangPu in Guangzhou, Nantong in Jiangsu, set up three areas with 9 production subsidiaries, through cooperated with the German Brukner and  Japanese steel company and introduced 13 world advanced production lines, and BOPP annual production capacity reached half million tons. Group bring talents and introduce a number of domestic high-end technical and management personnel, in the aspects of market operation, quality management, brand promotion, research and innovation, integration of resources, team building, constantly take people long to make up our own weaknesses, and constantly improve the core competitiveness, strengthen the competitive advantage, the achievements of the leading position in the industry.

FuRong Technology Group adhering to the "integrity, quality, technology, innovation" business philosophy and the "fearless competition, advocating competition, put into the competition" the sense of competition, always firmly believe that "only the disappearance of the enterprise, not the disappearance of the industry", rooted in the BOPP industry, continue to do fine, bigger and stronger. In the next few years, FuRong Technology Group intends to introduce 4 of the most advanced Brukner 10.4 m production line, will achieve industrial output value of ten billion yuan, creating considerable economic benefits and social benefits, to contribute to national economic development.