Ji Jianjun, the former Director of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation went to Forop for inspection and guidance

 COMPANY NEWS     |      2020-10-19 10:50

October 6,Director Ji Jianjun of China Petroleum and Chemical Industry Federation went to Forop for Inspection and guidance of safe production work.

Forops President Zhan, President Zhang Xi,vice president Mao Jianquan and so on expressed a warm welcome to director Ji, the professionals briefly introduced the company's operation and production status to Director Ji, and led him to visit the company's brand hall, explained the company's main products and production line process in detail, and then held a meeting.On the meeting,Director Ji generally commended our safety production work, but also pointed out some current problems. He said, Although it is during the National Day Holidays, safety issues cannot be ignored ,and safe production must not be relaxed. Enterprises should be people-oriented,strictly guarantee every production work carried out stably, sustainably carry out hidden danger investigation and management. At the end of the meeting, Director Ji put forward some rectification opinions and ideas , requesting us to do a good job in safety production, carry out safety inspections regularly, and increase the importance of safety.

Safety is no small matter. For any enterprise, safety must be the foundation of operation and development. If an enterprise wants to grow and grow, it must pay attention to safety issues. Forop Advanced Materials Co., Ltd. will actively adopt the guidelines and rectification opinions of superior leaders, earnestly implement various safety production measures, improve safety production emergency plans, and create a safe production and living environment for all employees.