Improve professional skills and enhance responsible consciousness

 COMPANY NEWS     |      2020-10-10 14:48

The cultural construction of enterprise is the key factor of increasing core competitiveness ,playing a crucial role in development and operation. Splendid enterprise philosophy can not only promote the good face of corporation externally,but also strengthen the responsibility and professionalism of staffs internally.

In matters of cultural construction ,Zhangxi,the CEO of Forop, highlights that while accelerating cultural construction,we should also determine the core philosophy of our company are professionalism and responsibility.We should promote cultural retrospective as quickly as possible,so as to increase the whole employees responsible spirit and professional capability. Therefor,every department is required to reflect on themselves regularly, rethinking if there has any work negligence, cooperating problem,system loophole.

Improve professional skills,promote service quality.The competition among modern enterprises,actually concerns talents contest,which means excellent elites should equip themself with systematic professional knowledge,qualified work skills, efficient execution  and  ability to coordinate the cooperation in departments.According to the requirements for core enterprise philosophy of Forop,we should increase skill training in the future, sharp staffs professional skills,satisfy customers better and enhance market competitiveness,by doing so can Forop gain more preferable and quick development.

If  duty means a kind of task,which is used  to inspect personal qualities as an important index,then responsibility relates to more profound meaning,it is an expansion of dedication and a spiritual power beyond ordinary.Xi Jinping,President of the People's Republic of China, had emphasized the significance of responsibility repeatedly.He said: Responsibility is a necessary basic quality of government officials ,only holding the quality can people achieve huge success,Be responsible,never avoid being accountable.

For Forop,all staffs should always follow the enterprise core values of‘integrity,quality,technology,innovation’,still remember the mission of‘Implement the ubiquitous integration of BOPP and make life better’,profoundly pursue the philosophy of‘Quality first,Product leadership, People-oriented, Integrity management ’,associate personal pursuit with companys philosophy, and Consciously develop responsibility and professionalism.Only by doing these,can our corporation develop healthily and become more prosperous.